Croydon Concrete Tile Roof Restoration Services

At Quality Roof Restorations, we offer premium concrete tile roof restoration services in Croydon that surpass a mere paint job. Our cutting-edge four-coat heat reflective technology ensures exceptional and long-lasting outcomes that outstrip typical restoration practices.

Our Services

Our specialists examine every detail during the preparation process to provide outstanding services. We stand by our work, and you can trust that your roof will remain relatively problem-free for decades to come. However, if you’re planning to sell your home or believe that you’ll be living there for less than five years, other options might be more suitable.


Getting it right the first time

If you require concrete tile roof repair in Croydon and plan to stay in your home long-term, our services are a far more cost-effective option than those of our competitors when calculated over the full life of the restoration, particularly when energy savings are taken into account. When it comes to roof restorations, cheaper in the short run is not always cheaper in the long run.


The concrete tile restoration process 

We return your roof to its former glory while also adding important technology that will help save you energy and thus money in the long run. To see a full video of the process, click here.


Advanced technology for greater durability

The protective and heat reflective top coats we apply as a finisher are engineered membranes that incorporate the following technologies:


Cross-linked polymers

Most polymers, like those found in acrylic paints, are structured in chains at the molecular level. Within the chain, this makes the polymers very strong, but the individual chains are vulnerable to cracking and eventual failure. The cross-linked polymers we use in our finishing coats are engineered so that the individual polymer chains cross over each other. This both extends the life of the membrane significantly and also reduces dirt pickup, since the cross-linking makes the surface smoother and allows dirt to wash off more easily during rain.



Smaller molecules in the polymers mean that overall strength and durability is higher. Because the surface is less porous, dust and pollution penetrate the surface less readily. Any colour pigment also lasts longer because of the smaller size of the molecule.


Infrared reflective pigments


Infrared light is essentially heat. Our final membrane coats include colour pigments infused with infrared reflecting technology. This technology is a smart choice due to global climate change and rising energy costs. Although it may be more expensive initially, using our heat reflective membranes can result in long-term savings as your home’s comfort level and energy bills will significantly improve. Another big advantage of heat reflective roof paints is their durability, as they last much longer than traditional coatings.

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Since every home is unique, some of the processes mentioned above may vary from one roof to another. If you’re in Croydon or anywhere in the Melbourne metro area and you’re considering having your roof restored, the best approach is to contact us for a free assessment and quotation. To get hold of us, click on the contact button below or call 0425 722 261 to get started.

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